Stilarte is the brand of all items from the high-end production of VEA as photo frames, crystal, resin sculptures and religious paintings. A classic brand in the silverware gifts sector.
Among the main features stand out an attractive design, quality materials and meticulous attention to detail.
The most representative collections are:


The line dedicated to those casting in their home ideals of refinement and elegance apart from a classic or modern design. Every aesthetic canon, in fact, is satisfied thanks to the size of the catalog and the solutions proposed.


It is the pattern that has set a real record as long seller in its own reference market. A unique and wonderful texture, modeled by hand, with petals and flower heads embossed which has been requested for over twenty years both in Italy and abroad.


A line inspired by the classics of art, in which fragments of the masterpieces of the past more or less recent as Gauguin, Picasso, Van Gogh and Klimt peek into photo frames and desk clocks, because every house is a museum to fill.


The Bobob are two shy and cuddly bears overseeing this line entirely dedicated to children and, therefore, colored blue and pink. Bilaminate silver photo frames with narrow band and multiple pictures, albums, figurines in silver resin, pacifier pliers, pacifier holder and pacifier boxes are the items among which to choose a nice gift.