Pierre Cardin

Pierre Cardin was born in San Biagio di Callalta (Treviso) on July 7, 1922. His real name is Pietro Cardin. He moved to Paris in 1945, studied architecture and worked first for Paquin, then for Elsa Schiaparelli, became head of the studio of Christian Dior in 1947 and then founded, in 1950, his fashion house; his studio in Rue Richepanse mainly creates costumes and masks for the theater. He begins to measure himself with the world of high fashion in 1953, when he presented the first collection.

His bulles clothes, with bubbles, quickly become known throughout the world and in the late 50’s he opened its first boutiques in Paris Ev and Adam. For men prêt-à-porter realized floral neckties and printed shirts.
In 1966 he designed his first collection entirely dedicated to children.

In the early 70s he opened, also in Paris, Espace Pierre Cardin that includes a theater, a restaurant, an art gallery and a study for the creation of furniture.

Cardin became known for his avant-garde style inspired to space. Often ignoring the female form, he preferred geometric forms patterns. He was responsible for the spread of the unisex fashion.
In the early 80’s bought the chain of Maxim’s restaurants and soon opened in New York, London and Beijing.
Among the many awards during his career should be mentioned: the appointment of Commander of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic in 1976, and the French Légion d’Honneur in 1983. In 1991 he was appointed ambassador for UNESCO.

Fashion, design, arts, hotels, restaurants, porcelain, perfumes, Pierre Cardin more than any other designer was adept at tying his name and his style to a legendary brand known and applied in many articles and in many fields.

PIERRE CARDIN is the flagship brand, an agreement born of mutual demands to capture new spaces in stores carrying at the same time, a brand recognized in prestigious silver gift. Over the years the relationship has evolved into a true partnership as all new products are developed in synergy between VEA and the Parisian fashion house.

The collections related to this brand are:


Articles in the Home series represent furnishing accessories to embellish and beautify your home with the brightness of materials such as silver and glass-crystal.

Pierre Cardin Home - Linea Torsion


The Desk line is designed to bring order and a touch of elegance in the office. Everyday accessories as pens, USB sticks, table clocks, and business card holders become real creations of style that you will not stop to admire.

Pierre Cardin - Linea Turbot

Cristal de Pierre Cardin

A line of pens born from the union between design excellence and Swiss technology. Characterized by a striking fluidity of writing and embellished with crystals on top, each Cristal de Pierre Cardin pen is a useful accessory, always keep on display.

Le petit Monde d Pecè

Dedicated to children to find the right gift to give on special occasions or simply to enshrine the most precious moments of our “Little”.


The ability to create articles seductive affordable by Monsieur PIERRE CARDIN is also reflected in his collection of watches consisting of elegant models, classic or audacious design, but always fashionable.
High quality, finely designed and crafted pieces with meticulous care under the auspices of a legendary brand are the keywords of this collection.